A marketing plan can make or break your business. Below are a few mistakes to pay attention to and avoid as you market your goods or services:

  1. Small Business Marketing MistakesLack of preparation, research and testing. Test your marketing ideas with a focus group. Get some feedback before launching a big campaign.
  2. Improper focus. Make sure that your marketing efforts are geared towards your target market.
  3. Marketing with a unique selling position. Don’t market to build up the company, but approach marketing to demand an immediate response from the recipient.
  4. Failure to capture repeat business. Keep in mind that when marketing, 75-80% of your business will come from existing clients. Way too often we see companies focusing so hard on new business that they forget about building and nurturing relationships with the current ones.
  5. Not focusing on the needs of potential clients. It’s important that you remember when marketing to focus on the needs of the clients you are trying to attract. It’s not about you; it’s all about your prospect. How can you help them solve their problem?
  6. Starting too late. Give yourself adequate time to build a solid campaign. An effective marketing plan takes preparation. It’s better to be late and prepared than to launch a sloppy campaign. This may be your only chance to impress your core audience.
  7. Over promising. Buyers have learned to stay clear of too good to be true offers. Don’t promise something that you can’t deliver. Make sure your offers or specials are reasonable. It has to make sense for you and the prospect because they can smell a scam a mile away.
  8. Mimicking your competitors. Be original and creative. You have to figure out what makes you different. How can you add your own personal style to your business.
  9. Relying solely on one form of marketing. Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Your marketing should be a combination of online, face to face networking, print advertisements, etc.
  10. Inconsistency. You need to build awareness around your brand. To do this, you need to have the same look and feel across all of your ads, online promotions and overall marketing efforts. You should always be marketing. Don’t wait until you really need a client.
  11. Not Tracking Your Efforts. Use some type of tracking system or analytics to monitor your marketing efforts. Tracking the success of yours ads will help you save money and avoid duplicating campaigns that flop.

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