Virtual Assistants are a great way for small business owners to get organized and grow their businesses without the hassle of managing a traditional employee. The Virtual Assistant industry is still relatively new and there are so many entrepreneurs that have yet to discover this golden little treasure. Hiring virtual support eliminates having to provide training, office space and unwanted expenses like employee taxes, equipment, vacation pay, sick pay, etc.

Virtual Assistants typically work with business owners that provide a professional service like small business coaches, consultants, entertainers, insurance agents, writers, realtors, etc. In many cases, entrepreneurs or busy professionals shy away from hiring Virtual Assistants because they are not clear on what type of tasks they can actually outsource. Other reasons may be because they are unable to see the true value a VA can provide for their company.

Below is a list of 15 tasks that can be performed virtually.

1. Online research for potential clients, speaking engagements, radio/podcast interview, etc
2. Set up, cancel or confirm appointments
3. Email management and filtering
4. Email marketing campaigns
5. Data entry
6. Answering incoming calls
7. Managing send out cards account
8. Drafting professional letters or contracts
9. Travel arrangements
10. Website updates and general maintenance
11. Social media management
12. Writing blogs , articles or press releases
13. Performing outbound telemarketing calls
14. Online filing to ensure that all of your important documents are secure and can easily be found
15. Online ad posting


Trena Stubbs is the owner of Apex Virtual Solutions. Key services include website design/maintenance, online marketing, administrative support and customer service support. Visit to sign up for our newsletter and receive free valuable small business tips and resources.

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Working Successfully with a Virtual Assistant

If virtual support is a new concept to you, this is the perfect guide for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual or company that partners with businesses and busy professionals to provide support from a remote location. Services can include anything from administrative support to marketing and creative design.

This manual will walk you through the processes of finding and working with a quality virtual assistant.

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