One of the toughest challenges for a business owner after they’ve retained the services of a virtual assistant company is figuring out what the heck to delegate. Our team has compiled a list of 25 different tasks or projects you can delegate to our team.

  1. Update your website
  2. Write articles based on criteria you provide to our team
  3. Filter through your email to ensure that you don’t miss anything important
  4. Call and confirm your appointments
  5. Create a link building campaign to increase your website  traffic
  6. Design your social media profiles to match your company branding
  7. Online research
  8. Set up your CRM software and prepare training videos
  9. Write an e-book based on your criteria to give away as a freebie to your prospects
  10. Phone prospecting
  11. Create an email marketing campaign
  12. Transcribe your recorded meetings or events
  13. Design your logo
  14. Pre-screen prospective employees
  15. Schedule reservations
  16. Design and order your company business cards, postcards and brochures
  17. Data entry
  18. Setup and manage your bookkeeping software
  19. Make dinner, hotel or car reservations
  20. Prepare an online marketing plan
  21. Manage your social media profiles
  22. Manage your online calendar
  23. Pay your bills online
  24. Write a press release for your business
  25. Design an online advertisement piece

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Working Successfully with a Virtual Assistant

If virtual support is a new concept to you, this is the perfect guide for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual or company that partners with businesses and busy professionals to provide support from a remote location. Services can include anything from administrative support to marketing and creative design.

This manual will walk you through the processes of finding and working with a quality virtual assistant.

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