26 Small Business Marketing IdeasAre you stuck trying to figure out what you can do to start generating buzz about your business? Sometimes the easiest solutions are overlooked.

Here are 26 small business  marketing ideas that are sure to get you fired up.

  1. Host a Teleseminar or Webinar
  2. Become active in your local community, support a charity
  3. Participate in online forums
  4. Social Networking
  5. Tidy up your website (check for errors, offer a promotion, search engine optimization,etc)
  6. Offer incentives for your customers send you referrals
  7. Link exchanges
  8. Write a personalized letter or postcard
  9. Start a blog
  10. Give away free samples or hold a contest
  11. Write a press release
  12. Publish articles online related to your industry.
  13. Take advantage of radio call in shows.
  14. Public Speaking
  15. Free online classifieds and directories
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Cold Calls
  18. Put a magnet or sign on your vehicle
  19. Form partnerships or Joint Ventures
  20. Offer free demonstrations or consultations
  21. Donations to youth sports
  22. 20 second commercial on your voicemail
  23. Volunteer your services
  24. Hand out pens with your business information on them
  25. Make goodie bags and hand them out to your target market
  26. Wear shirts or hands with your business information, become a walking billboard

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