Inbound marketing ideasInbound Marketing is most successful when it is well thought out and consistent. You want to not only educate your online visitors but also keep them entertained. I know it can be hard coming up with content ideas for your daily efforts so I thought I’d lend a helping hand. Below are a list of ideas that can be shared in the form of social media blurbs, article, audio or video.

  1. Write “How-to” articles giving step by step instructions
  2. Explainer videos
  3. Publish industry statistics
  4. Create and share infographics
  5. Your favorite business tools
  6. Mistakes to avoid
  7. Create a podcast series where you’re answering commonly asked questions in your industry
  8. Interview experts in your industry
  9. Book or product reviews
  10. Commercial
  11. Product demonstrations
  12. Customer appreciation or customer of the month
  13. Compare similar products or tools
  14. Industry quotes
  15. Create a bloopers video
  16. Create a company music video
  17. Launch a contest
  18. Funny pictures found on the web
  19. Current events and news
  20. New employee introductions
  21. Inspirational stories
  22. Free industry resources
  23. Case studies
  24. Industry trends
  25. Industry myths
  26. Daily tips
  27. Favorite places
  28. List of industry must-have books
  29. List of people that inspire or motivate you
  30. Behind the scenes (give your visitors access to how your business operates)
  31. Take a poll
  32. Special promotions
  33. Top blogs in your niche
  34. New offerings
  35. Getting started checklists

Did I miss something that has been successful in your inbound marketing efforts? Please feel free to share your comments and ideas below.

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