5 Marketing Tasks to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a great way to reduce the number of hours you spend working in your business during the week.

Why work in your business when you can be working on your business creating new products/services, revamping client processes, etc.

As a business owner, you have to put your focus on components that only you can handle and learn how to delegate the rest. Here are 5 marketing tasks you can be delegating to a virtual assistant right now.

  1. Website Design or Maintenance

If your virtual assistant dabbles in code and design, why not delegate all of your design or maintenance tasks? Need a landing page for your new campaign, let your virtual assistant set it up.

  1. Blogging

If writing isn’t your strength, delegate it. Provide some talking points, add your take on the topic and let someone else handle it.

  1. Newsletter

The best way to grow your client base and to retain current clients is to stay in front of them. Sending out a regular newsletter is a great way to do this. And yes, this is another task that can be delegated.

  1. Social Media Management

Is being social too much? Well here’s another task that can be delegated. Create a process sheet that explains how you want your social media accounts handled, send it to your Virtual Assistant and use that time for something else.

  1. Competitor or Target Audience Research

Let someone else handle your research. Spending hours in front of your computer isn’t going to put money in your pockets. Hand it off!

Are there other tasks currently driving you crazy? Contact us today at 866-874-3647 for a free consultation.

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