Email marketing (ears closed to the critics, lol) is still a great tool that businesses should keep in their growth strategy. There really is power in the list, but only if that list is grown organically, authentically and strategically.

There are so many marketers putting all of their eggs solely into the basket of social media. I think social media is a great appetizer, but shouldn’t be your main or solo course. You should always be implementing multiple strategies simultaneously to get the best results.

It’s amazing how many clients have come to me with no email marketing strategy or one that’s not adding value to their bottom line because it’s not structured in a way that retains the attention of their subscribers. In this article, I want to share my 5 top reasons why I feel people may be unsubscribing from your email list.

Reason 1: They never subscribed or don’t remember subscribing.

This is one of the most common reasons people unsubscribe from email lists. To be quite frank not subscribing and not remembering subscribing are equally terrible. Let’s first address adding people to your list without their permission; this method is tacky and completely unethical. You can’t force people to connect with you. It’s one thing to send out a one-time prospecting email, but something totally different to add someone to your regular email list. This will eventually kill your company’s credibility.

People also unsubscribe when they don’t remember subscribing to your list. When someone doesn’t remember subscribing to your list, it generally means that you haven’t done a good job staying in front of them. It’s important to create a schedule for broadcasting content consistently to the people who have agreed to follow you.

Reason 2: It’s not you, it’s your content

Sometimes the problem can be a content issue. Any of the following could be reasons you’re losing subscribers.

  • Content isn’t relevant
  • Content isn’t delivered in a professional manner
  • You’re always trying to sell them (hard sell)
  • Your emails are all about you and how great you are with little insight on your community or industry

Reason 3: Your Email Schedule

Sending out too many or too little emails can also drastically impact the number of subscribers you are able to retain. Too many emails can be overwhelming or frustrating. Not enough emails can cause subscribers to forget who you are.

Reason 4: Emails Aren’t Tailored to The Subscriber

Why did they initially subscribe? This is an important question to keep in mind when delivering content to the inbox of your subscribers. If you want to keep them interested, it’s important you keep things relevant to why they wanted to receive your emails in the first place.

Reason 5: You’re Not Providing Any Real Solutions

Stop being so vague. You shouldn’t give away the farm, but you have to show people you have something of value. Giving them solutions that will help them overcome small obstacles is a great way to get people interested in using your services for bigger picture goals.


Instead of giving up on email marketing, try a different approach. If you’re struggling to find time to effectively grow and nurture your list, we’d love to speak with you about some of the solutions our team offers.

Is there something you’d like to share? Feel free to leave all questions and comments in the comment box below.

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