Blogging is an important layer of inbound marketing but just pumping out content may not get you the results you desire. While providing valuable information to your target audience is a step in the right direction, you need a way to convert website visitors into leads and ultimately sales. Part of having a successful blog is growing your number of subscribers and in this article, I’ll share some tips that will help you do just that.

1.) Visible Opt-In or Subscription Button

In order to grow your blog subscribers you first must provide them a way to follow your work. Don’t make it hard for people to sign-up. Your opt-in or subscription button should be visible on your website and it should require very little information, like just an email address or maybe even an email address and a first name.

Increase Blog Subscribers

2.) Offer Something in Exchange for Signing Up

Give your subscribers a special incentive for signing up. Some sample offers could be exclusive coupons, an industry cheat sheet, a free e-book, a product demo, etc. Whatever goodies you decide to offer, make sure that it is something that they see the value in.

3.) Ask For It

After each of your blog posts, make sure that you are asking visitors to subscribe or follow you. If the visitor has found your blog post useful, they’ll have no problem subscribing for more updates.

4.) Sharing is Caring

If you’re providing great value on your blog, your subscribers will want to share it with their friends and colleagues. Make it easy for them to spread the word.

How to Increase Blog Subscribers

5.) Consistency

Visitors have expectations when subscribing or considering to subscribe to your blog. They will most definitely check to see how consistent you are in putting out new information. Consistently updating your blog will help you attract new subscribers and keep the ones you currently have.

Blogging tips

6.) Write Great Content

The easiest way to build a list of raving fans is to provide awesome content. Your blog should be a valuable resource to your target audience. When they are searching for information, you want your blog to be one of their first stops.

7.) Take it Social

Promote your blog using your social media channels. Share your blog posts using Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media platforms you’re using.

8.) Make it Fun and Entertaining

While you want to share information that is educational, you also need to make things fun and entertaining. Your blog posts don’t always have to be in the form of an article. Switch it up so that your followers don’t get bored. Other formats you can use include infographics, videos and podcasts.

9.) Be Engaging

Get your subscribers and website visitors involved in the conversation. No one likes being talked at, so talk to your audience, ask them questions. This is a great strategy for getting feedback.

If you have tips that you use, I’d love for you to share them. Join in on the conversation!

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