Outdated Marketing TacticsAre you a small business owner that finds it tough to continue to come up with relevant and interesting information day after day?  Like many of us, you probably catch yourself rumbling through words, sentences and paragraphs; hoping and praying it comes out good.  You probably say things like, “I hope this works” or “I wonder what I can come up with today”.  The stress to entertain people can be a lot because content is chewed up and spit out so fast today.

It can really piss you off when you put your heart into something and it seems to get overlooked.  Readers don’t really care how much time you put into your blogs, articles or videos, all they care about is if it’s good to them or not.  So we have to ask ourselves, “What are they looking for?” One thing we have to do as small business owners is pay attention to what is going on around us.  Sometimes we get caught up into what we like and we continue to do “that” even when it’s not popular.  If we look at our lives, we probably do the same thing in other areas.

Once I hit 30 years old, I told myself that I did not want to be that guy that was out of touch.  To me, there is nothing worse than a person that dresses the same way they did 15 years ago.  Styles change and in order to stay relevant, we have to pay attention to what is going on out in the world.  So what I decided to do was subscribe to GQ magazine and I began to pay closer attention to what people were wearing whenever I would go out to dinner, a movie or walking around the mall.

Once I took a really close look at what was going on, I realized that I was making some fashion no-nos.  My clothes were too baggy and square toe shoes were out of style.  I was walking around thinking I was looking good, when I was actually looking like I hadn’t been shopping in 5 years. As small business owners we have to take the same approach. If we pay closer attention to what is going on and what people are looking for, we would probably make a few changes.  The changes don’t have to be anything big, maybe something like adding more pictures or using more bullet points will do the trick. Don’t be afraid to check out the competition.

If you are not getting any traffic to your blog, check out ones that are.  If no one is watching your videos, compare your videos to the ones that people are watching.  Heck, they don’t have to be competitors, just see what’s trending. When I was trying to see what was stylish, I didn’t just look at people that were the same color as me or that were shaped like me.  I took a look at everyone because no one race, size, or gender sets the tone for what is considered stylish; at least not as far as I’m concerned.

The internet is a huge playground and it is full of people from every walk of life.  See what’s getting people’s attention because it may be totally different than you thought.  Don’t get stuck giving people content they were tired of 5 years ago, give yourself a marketing makeover.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of That 70’s Show

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