Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant

We empower our clients to break away from the mundane day to day activities of running their business without breaking the bank. Apex Virtual Solutions works hard to stay a step above the rest. Our primary job is to stay on top of the latest technology and systems required to run a successful business.

By using our services, you alleviate the stress caused by employment taxes, salaries, health benefits, employee training and other hassles that come along with utilizing onsite support. We provide you the support and training you need to grow your business. Invest in a company that puts your needs first.

We offer professional services for both short and long term projects. We are dedicated to providing quality service regardless of the size of your business. Apex Virtual Solutions works hard to help our clients develop, manage and grow their businesses. Get the support your business needs today. Contact us for a free quote today!

Think About What You’re Getting…

We happily take care of the projects that you don’t have the time, desire or resources to complete We’re not just task masters, we provide ideas and suggestions that add value to your small business
NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS, we don’t believe in forcing clients to lock in; only use us when you need to You pay only for the time spent on YOUR project, we provide quality at cost that’s  reasonable
Our team can help your business gain a competitive edge by providing value added services  Eliminate office space, benefits, taxes and worker’s compensation costs associated with onsite employees
Our team will allow you to make more time to focus on strategic planning to grow your business Easily track your projects and pull various reports in our project management site; Always be in the know!

Yes, there’s more!

    • You get a team of specialists. Get peace of mind knowing that you have the support of a full staff and not that of an individual. If one person is ill or on vacation, your work is still done ON TIME!
    • Apex has a highly trained staff. All of our specialists are professionals that have training in the corporate, small business and professional world and have tailored their skills to meet with the needs of the modern day business professional.
    • You get the individual attention that you need in order to develop and grow your business.
    • Whether you need one letter typed or a full blown online marketing strategy, we can perform these duties. Apex Virtual Solutions is set up to fit each individual client’s needs. Fees are arranged for one-time tasks to retainer of 10-60 hours per week or month. Whatever your needs are, Apex Virtual Solutions and you create your own individual working partnership.
    • Save your company money. Apex Virtual Solutions can be an all in one solution for your business needs. Why hire an administrative assistant, a marketing specialist, a web designer, a bookkeeper, a human resource specialist and a customer service representative? Apex Virtual Solutions is ALL OF THAT BUNDLED INTO ONE!

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