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No information contained on www.apexassisting.com  (including but not limited to information contained on videos, message boards, comments, on coaching calls, in emails, in text files, or in chats) whatsoever can replace or substitute cannot for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial, medical, psychological, or legal matters.. All information contained herein is offered based on experience and in good faith and should only be interpreted as information which you should ratify with a suitably qualified professional if you are at all in doubt about it’s validity or suitability to your purposes.

If you act upon any of the information contained within this website you do so at your own free choice under your own authority, and as such the onus of consequences is upon you entirely. Apex Virtual Solutions or our partners, or any of their affiliates, will not be held liable in any way  for any damages directly, indirectly consequential, special or exemplary including but not limited to death, illness, injury, or financial loss. You are 100% responsible for your personal and business decisions. By working with our company, you agree not to hold us liable in any way for your decisions, actions or results.

Purchases and Outcomes

Your purchase and use of our information, products and services should be based upon your own due diligence and judgment on how best to use our products. You should not view our company’s products and services as responsible for any success or failure of your business; we provide tools that you can use to try to improve the operation of your business. Your decision to purchase and use our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence, and not on any representation that we make to you. Apex Virtual Solutions will not be responsible for any success or failure of your business after you implement the information you receive from us.

Performances Disclaimer:

Recitals: The words “our”, “company”, “we”, are used to represent Apex Virtual Solutions and it’s owners and operators.

Any results or performance estimates or suggestions are only estimates of what could be possible and you should consult with an expert or professional if you are at all in doubt or require a clearer indication of suitability.

Any and all claims or representations as to performance results are not to be considered as average or anticipated performance results. Furthermore, any and all claims or representations, as to projected individual results on this web site, are not to be considered as average or anticipated results.

All products and services offered by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. You are expected to use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals before acting on any information contained herein this website. We take no responsibility for any claims made by any third party advertisers or affiliated businesses which we make reference to or which we recommend.

FTC Compliance: It can be assumed that in all circumstances where we do recommend any product or service that we are receiving financial benefit by way of a commission payment from the service or product provider. Unless we note that there is no pecuniary interest in relation to an external link from this site, then it can be assumed that all links to such products and services have been arranged subject to a payment or fee arrangement. Your own due diligence should always be applied prior to making a purchase of any product or service on the Internet.

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** last updated 12/02/2013

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