Why partner with Apex Virtual Solutions instead of hiring a traditional employee?

Hiring our Atlanta virtual assistant firm instead of a traditional employee gives you instant access to an entire team of trained experts. You’re also saving on employee taxes, payroll expenses, office space, equipment and other costs associated with a traditional employee.

What makes Apex different?

There are several things that make Apex Virtual Solutions stand out in the crowd. The most important quality that we hold is that we literally act as partners to our clients. We are not just task masters, we work hard to help your business run successfully by bringing new ideas to the table, creating processes and providing training on new systems when needed.

Can you work at my location?

The life of a small business is unpredictable, there is always something new and unexpected around the corner. We understand that there are times when virtual support just isn’t enough. We can provide onsite support in certain circumstances. We do hold that right to deny this type request in the event that it appears unsafe for our virtual assistants or the time-frame doesn’t work.

Will I receive a dedicated Project Manager or Representative?

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are comfortable and happy with our services. We do offer clients the option of receiving a dedicated Representative or Project Manager with our premium retainer packages. Our preference however, is to assign each client a project manager based on the determined needs. The dedicated project manager is solely responsible for managing the tasks submitted by the client.

What is the benefit of having a project manager vs a dedicated representative?

Having a project manager means that you have access to a team of talent vs. that of one representative. The project manager will be your primary contact and will be responsible for “cracking the whip” so to speak, to ensure that your work is done quickly and efficiently. Having a team also means that if one of your team members is ill or on vacation, your work goes on.

Who uses the services of Apex Virtual Solutions?

All types of businesses and professional individuals use Apex. Some examples are business coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, architects, construction companies, celebrities, business owners, consultants, salespeople, non-profit organizations, investors, musicians, inventors, executives, charity organizations, CEOs, CFOs, bankers, and many more.

When is it not necessary to hire Apex Virtual Solutions?

Individuals or companies that desire no structure and are not able to stay in communication with an assistant will not benefit from our services. Those with a strong need to micromanage would not be a good fit for Apex Virtual Solutions. Apex specialist need flexibility to mange his/her time and workload.

When is it time to hire Apex Virtual Solutions?

It is time to consider hiring Apex Virtual Solutions when you find yourself spending countless hours working on your business and your profits don’t seem to reflect those efforts. We want you to focus on what you love and give us the thing that gives us butterflies (marketing and design projects).

What is Pay As You Go?

Pay As You Go is a service that we offer to our clients that are not comfortable paying for their hours in advance. Pay As You Go Agreements may require a deposit before services begin.

Will my company information be shared?

Apex Virtual Solutions signs a confidentiality agreement with each of our clients. We will never share or sell any of your information.

How do I get updates on my projects?

Each Apex client gets a weekly update on the status of their project. We also communicate regularly via email. The client can get additional updates as requested. Some projects may require daily updates.

How do I communicate with you?

We communicate with our clients via our project management site, email, skype, text and phone. The type of communication available will depend on your purchased package. Skype, text and phone communication are available with our premium retainer packages. Phone and skype conversations must be scheduled in advance due to the nature of our work.

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