Flyer Distribution Terms and Policies


Flyer distribution is a great cost effective way to spread the word about your company, crusade or mission. This type of marketing can also come with a great deal of backlash and headaches. We want your distribution campaign to be successful and part of having a successful campaign is being prepared. Below are our flyer distribution terms and conditions along with a few handy tips.

What is soliciting?

Soliciting by definition is the process of asking or trying to obtain something from someone. The word solicit is often viewed differently depending on who you are talking to; one person can that flyer distribution is soliciting while another can say that flyer distribution is not soliciting because you’re not actually speaking to anyone or asking for anything.

Every community, apartment complex, neighborhood association president, or police officer will have their own interpretation of  what the word means. The truth is when you’re distributing flyers, your meaning of the word really becomes irrelevant because you’re now in someone else’s community and how they define it is all that matters.

If our team is ever asked to leave an area, they leave without hesitation, without question, without confrontation. There are two reasons why we leave promptly

  1. We are not wiling to put our team in jeopardy of being arrested for trespassing, soliciting or loitering. We support our clients, but at the end of the day, it’s just not worth putting our team members in a dangerous situation.
  2. If people from the community are asking you to leave, you’re not going to get that great of a return from the area anyway because they are going to voice their frustrations with their neighbors.

Residential Flyer Distribution

  • We DO NOT walk up to homes that have a driveway longer than 40 feet for safety reasons. If the driveway is longer, we will put the flyer on the outside of the mailbox.
  • We DO NOT walk up to doors that are hidden by trees, decorative items, etc. If the door is not visible from the street, we will put the flyer on the outside of the mailbox.

Mapping Your Location

Clients are responsible for mapping their own locations. Please note that every 1,000 flyers must be distributed within a 10 mile radius for our standard pricing. An additional fee will apply if you would like our team to cover a larger area.

What Happens if Your Provided Locations Cannot Be Done

If the locations the client provides cannot be done due to solicitation complications, my team will distribute your materials within a 5 mile radius of your provided location. This could include apartment complexes, shopping plazas and single family homes.


If the weather prevents distribution, the client can either reserve another date to have their items distributed, get a refund (if it’s within the standard period for obtaining a refund) or receive a credit towards other services (if applicable). For the safety of our team, we will not distribute materials in the rain, below freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, tornadoes, thunderstorms or any other conditions that may be rendered unsafe. If the distribution campaign has not begun, the client can receive a credit that can be used towards any of the Apex Virtual Solutions services. We cannot be held liable for weather and situations beyond our control.

Expectations of delivery:

  • Apex Virtual Solutions performs a saturation delivery. This means that we cover the dense areas in our targeted territory first.
  • If Apex Virtual Solutions comes across a gates community that we cannot gain access to, we will deliver in the next area in the closest proximity with the same or similar demographics.
  • If the homeowner association or property manager in any area asks us to leave, we will leave without exception to avoid conflict. In the event that this happens, we will move on to the next area.
  • Apex Virtual Solutions does not guarantee or provide any specific expected results (ROI) for delivery, before, during or after the process. Our role in this marketing strategy is simply that of a delivery person. Our guarantee is that your marketing material will be delivered to the areas specified.
  • Apex Virtual Solutions does not allow ride alongs, tailing or following during the deliver due to safety and insurance reasons.

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