fiverr for businessI’m sure by now you’ve heard of Fiverr but do you know how to use this website to help your small business. Yes, you can purchase all types of gigs at a very low cost but as an entrepreneur or business owner do you know how to use this tool as a way to grow your business and to showcase yourself as a professional.

If you’ve never been on the site, you ‘d be surprised at what people are willing to do for $5. You have sellers literally all of the world fighting for your attention. There are pros and cons to using Fiverr for business purposes and in this article, I’ll cover both.

What to purchase on Fiverr?

Let me first start by saying that before you hit purchase, you’ll probably end up spending more than $5 for a decent gig on Fiverr. The $5 price tag is usually just to get you hooked and only includes a starter item. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a great deal in most cases so don’t let this scare you away. Some of the things you should purchase from this website include:

  • Professional Voice – Professional voice gigs are a great way for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs to have a professional welcome for their callers. These gigs can be used for recording a professional voice-mail. This type of gig can also be used for video voice-overs.
  • Graphic Design – These type of orders can be placed for small design projects like professional ad designs, basic logos, slider images and graphics for blog posts.
  • Videos – Now this is probably one of the best finds on Fiverr. Video gigs are great if you’re looking for a professional introduction or exit, explainer videos and video tutorials.
  • Advertisements – Advertisements are another great find on Fiverr. There are thousands of radio hosts, online video show hosts and other people of influence selling ad space. If their target audience matches the people you want to call customers, go for it!

 What type of gigs should you stay away from on Fiverr?

Now let’s talk about things that you should stay away from on Fiverr. Please take heed when I say that not all gigs are created equally. Here are a list of gigs that I think you should stay away from on this website.

  • Testimonials – Yes, we all need testimonials to show how great we are but it’s important to get them the right way. In order to grow your brand, it’s important to do it honestly and authentically. Paying for testimonials can really backfire and hurt your business in the long run.
  • Social media likes or connections – Buyers are a lot smarter than you think. Don’t purchase fake “likes” or “connections” to make you look good because this will be very temporary. In most cases the likes or connections will go away and many of them will be fake profiles with no real activity.
  • Anything that requires personal information – Unfortunately not all sellers have good intentions. Don’t use any sellers that need you to give them personal information. This is not only against Fiverr policy but it’s also a huge red flag. Fiverr sellers come from all places of the world so it will be impossible to track down a seller gone bad.

Signs that you should not use a seller

Sometimes there are little voices in our heads telling us that something is not a good idea. We have to listen to our gut feeling when something isn’t right. Here are some of the signs that you should not use a seller on Fiverr.

  • Negative feedback – We all know that you can’t please everyone but if a seller has more negative feedback than positive, stay clear of making a purchase. There are always an exception to the rule and if you’re still wanting to really use a seller with negative feedback, read the comments. Sometimes the bad reviews can be from the buyer not understanding the gig purchased or maybe even the seller got an alarming number of orders and couldn’t complete the gig within the time promised.
  • Horrible samples – I know this one is pretty much a given but it never hurts to cover the basics. Never use a seller with an awful portfolio. Fiverr allows you to add samples of your work so make sure you’re buying gigs with quality work showcased.

I have a question, have you ever used Fiverr? If so I’d love for you to share your feedback in the comments section below. While you’re scrolling down to the bottom to find the comments section, go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter for some more of the good stuff.

All the best,

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