Instagram Stories: What It Means for Your Business

My social media feeds have been rolling non-stop with everyone talking about “Instagram Stories”. What does this mean? How does it affect Snapchat? Does it affect Snapchat? Is this going to hurt or help marketers and businesses? There are so many questions and I’ll do my best to give you answers that will help you better understand what’s going on and how this will affect your business.

What is Instagram “Stories”?

Instagram stories is a new feature located at the top of your Instagram newsfeed. This feature will give Instagram users the ability to share everyday moments via video or photo. Similar to Snapchat, the new stories will disappear after 24 hours. Texting and drawing tools are also available on the new “stories” feature.

Does this affect Snapchat, if so how?

Personally, I think that Instagram is aiming for a bigger piece of the social media pie. Statistics have shown that over 40% of people in the United States between the ages of 18 and 34 are on Snapchat. If I had a social media platform, this number would surely get my attention.

I think there’s room for both social media giants. I’m not completely convinced that this new Instagram feature will have a big impact on Snapchat users. I think that each platform has it’s loyal users and people that are extremely active on Snapchat, don’t really have a reason to navigate to Instagram because of this new feature. I believe that Instagram will begin seeing an alarming increase in activity amongst it’s current die hard supporters. At the end of the day, it’s about the bottom line. Instagram is definitely looking for ways to increase profits, as most companies, and this new feature may be a cash cow.

Is Instagram Stories going to hurt or help marketers or businesses?

Being a marketer first, it’s always in my best interest to look at how this can monetized. This new Instagram feature is going to certainly give businesses a new way to get people interested. Stories will be a great way for companies to host contests, give sneak product previews, and run special limited time only promotions. Given that the content will disappear in 24 hours, it builds a sense of urgency which will make your audience stay tuned in hopes to not miss out on what’s hot. Everyone wants to be a part of something exclusive and I see this new “stories” feature putting Instagram in the game in a serious way.

Will you be using this new feature?

I’d love to know what you think about this new release. Are you going to be using it for your business? Join in on the conversation.

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