When the mobile phone was first developed back in the late 1980’s, it was the size of a brick and weighed about as much; it was the invention of the century, or decade, at least. High-paying customers stood in long lines to marvel over the new technology, buying the phones just so they could make a call without being connected to any sort of wire.

The invention spread like wildfire – and developed just as fast. With a few years,  mobile phones were able to entertain, with games offered like handheld pinball machines, as well as become more useful, with apps like calculators, weather updates, and display themes. As mobile phones began shrinking in size, the market began to expand. They became more affordable. By the turn of the century, almost everyone in the West and parts of Asia and South America had a mobile phone. Now, there are more mobile phone users than owners of toothbrushes. And the numbers are only climbing.

For businesses, the popularity of mobile phones – especially smartphones – means only one thing: there is a growing market of potential clientele out there, browsing nonchalantly, just waiting to discover your hot new brand. The question is: how do you hook them on your company? How do you amplify your brand’s content to reach the mobile market?

Always the golden question for companies, and unfortunately, the answer is never stable. Ultimately, you’ll have to find what works best for your company. But in the meantime, there are a variety of ways businesses are starting to tap into the growing mobile market: the App market for mobile smartphone users is expanding big time. In fact, it’s expanding so fast that consumers will have a hard time keeping up with the new market. While developing an App may be important for your brand, you might be better off creating a mobile-friendly, user-friendly website. Here is a breakdown:


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