Many new business owners start their business with grand ideas but not the budget to support it. Advertising plays a huge role in growing and establishing a business. You can have a wonderful product or service, but if no one knows about it, it won’t really matter.

Here are 5 methods for free advertising that have been tried and tested. Now they may not bring in the millions you so deserve, but they will get your name out there and help drum up some business. Once your business becomes profitable I highly recommend investing in some good, professional quality marketing strategies.

Write a Fabulous Press Release – One of the best free methods of advertising is writing a press release. It can be a story about how you got started, a grand opening, or about a special product or service that you offer.  Make your press release interesting and avoid making it sound like an ad for your business. People love to read success stories.  Once you’re done writing it, submit it to your local news outlets and/or submit it online.

Get Online – Websites are a great tool for advertising. Most purchases are initiated by online product or service searches. If you’re just starting out, you can take advantage of companies that offer free website templates and hosting.  There are several companies out there that have sites that allow you to design your own website without needing any special training. It is however, a good idea to get a professional site done once your business is fully up and running, but until you have the required funds, a free site will do just fine. The initial goal is to have an online presence.

Free Directory Marketing -Once your website is set up, search for some free directories that will let you market your website or post a company profile

Join Professional Online Forums. Forums are a great way to advertise your business. The key is to not go in advertising your company. The first thing you need to do is build some relationships and participate in some of the online discussions. Once people start becoming familiar with you, they’ll start inquiring about what it is you do; that’s when you start mentioning special offers or discounts.

Blog, Blog, Blog – Write about things that are related to your industry. Do your research; find out what your target audience likes to read about. Offer your readers information with substance.

Local Networking – Check around for free local networking events. You have to get out there and let people know about your company. Become a walking, talking billboard for your business. Networking events allow you to build your brand awareness and it also allows you to pick up some tips from other entrepreneurs that have been doing it for a while. You can learn a lot from them and possibly avoid some of the mistakes they made when initially starting out. This is also a great way to get some free service. Networking events put you in a position to barter. Say for example you need a website done or an article published in a magazine, you may be able to offer them your product or service in exchange for theirs. This will help you get established without having to come out of pocket.

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