For some time now people have been vouching for Facebook to add a dislike button. Zuck and his crew over at Facebook were actually paying attention and addressed the issue. To make a long story short, he and his product design director, Geoff Teahan explained why they didn’t think it was a good idea. Instead they decided to go with something called Reactions, which are basically emojis that represent or stand for like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

The incorporation of Reactions is cool but it probably isn’t going to satisfy the masses. A study was done by YouGov Omnibus that showed that 38% of people wanted the dislike button. That’s a large percentage of people that want the ability to slap a thumbs down on people’s posts.

I completely understand and agree with Mark Zuckerberg and the thorough explanation that Geoff Teahan gave as to why they won’t be giving us a dislike button. Teahan stated “People need a much higher degree of sophistication and richness in what choices we provide for their communications. Binary ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ doesn’t properly reflect how we react to the vast array of things we encounter in our real lives.”

Cyber Bullying

Teahan’s response is so true but I’ll take it one step further. Across the world we have a big problem with cyber bullying and I think it was a very responsible decision by Facebook not to add to the problem by including a dislike button.

So many people are afraid to express themselves on social media because the thought of people leaving negative comments is terrifying, which is a problem itself. A dislike button will only intensify the negativity that those individuals are already exemplifying online.


I believe that the ability to leave a comment along with the new Reactions that Facebook has implemented is more than enough to let people and companies know how you feel. As Geoff Teahan stated in his blog post, we should be more sophisticated in the way we communicate and a dislike button doesn’t give us the same reach that Reactions or leaving a comment does.

So if these avenues aren’t enough to convey what you want to say about someone’s post, you should probably ask yourself if it’s even a good idea for you to reply at all.

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