Atlanta Business CoachingSometimes in business, you just want to cut out all the bull and talk to someone non-biased that is not afraid to tell you what you’re doing wrong. I’m sure your family, friends and colleagues aren’t going to tell you that your website sucks or that the people you think are going to buy your services aren’t.

What’s this POWER session all about?

The POWER session is a one hour strategy session for entrepreneurs that sell a professional service. Each session is different because there are a lot of variables involved like industry or niche, what stage of business you’re in, current marketing strategies, target audience, etc.

Some of the things that have been covered in past strategy sessions include:

  • Quick and simple strategies that generate quick sales
  • Target Market/Buyer Personas
  • Identifying the online hangouts of your target audience
  • Online branding and marketing challenges
  • Understanding how to socially engage your target audience
  • Evaluating why recent website visitors aren’t opting-in
  • Creating website copy that doesn’t sound salesy and speaks to the person you want buying your service

How does it work?

  1. You will register for your session using the register now button on this page.
  2. An email will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of your purchase and in the email you will receive a questionnaire and an online calender link.
  3. The questionnaire needs to be completed and submitted.
  4. Once your questionnaire is submitted, you will need to reserve a date and time using the online calendar link.

Here is what you will leave with:

  • A written analysis of your current marketing strategy
  • A recording of our consultation
  • Detailed summary of consultation and recommendations
  • A plan that you can begin to implement immediately to start experiencing growth in your business
  • A checklist that will help you stay on track and promote progress

Your Investment: $150.00


What this strategy session is?

  • A consultation that will help you get some additional clarity on what you are doing wrong to attract clients
  • A session that will help you create real actionable strategies
  • A great way to get some fresh actionable ideas that will help you put your business in front of the right people

What this session is not?

  • A promise to show you how to become wealthy
  • A session to pump you up with no real plan for moving forward in your business


How do I get the most out of this session?

One hour doesn’t seem like a lot of time but if you’re prepared, you’ll find that it’s enough time to get results. It’s important to complete the questionnaire in its entirety so that I’m not spending time during the actual session trying to learn about your business.

The Guarantee

Sorry, if you’re looking for this 1 hour strategy session to help you turn your $1,000 dollar business into a million dollar business, DON’T BUY IT! This is not a get rich quick POW-WOW session. The guarantee is that you will earn the cost of this session back within 3 months of you receiving and implementing the advice being given. You will leave this session with better clarity on what you need to do to increase your profit and the dollar value in terms of your results is going to be based your ability to consistently follow the plan. Some clients see results in a few weeks and for others it make take a few months, but IT  DOES WORK!