Twitter for BusinessSocial media marketing is becoming a huge game changer in business. Companies are using it to attract leads, build relationships and to interact with current clients. It makes sense because it’s effective when done the right way and it’s a great strategy for the budget conscious. Most companies want to make social media a part of their routine but they’re not really sure what to post.¬†Here are 20 things you can share with your social audience.

  1. Share your expertise by giving your opinion or insight on commonly asked questions in your industry
  2. Stay on top of important news in your industry and be one of the first to spread the word
  3. Share interesting links or blog posts
  4. Host live “Tweet Events” (Twitter specific)
  5. Give daily tips
  6. Re-post great tips from others in your industry
  7. Promote your speaking events
  8. Share client testimonials or recent project details
  9. Sparingly promote your specials
  10. Share funny or interesting pictures of your team
  11. Ask questions that are related to your industry, engage your followers
  12. Share funny, helpful or inspirational quotes
  13. Comment on other company or prospect profiles
  14. Funny videos
  15. Educational or Industry related videos
  16. Create a contest via social media
  17. Press releases
  18. Interviews you’ve done
  19. Local trends and news
  20. New products or service launches

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