Apex Virtual Solutions may choose to change the terms, conditions and operation of this web site at anytime. By using this service the user waives any rights or claims it may have against Apex Virtual Solutions.

All assignments must be accompanied by instructions (written and presented via courier delivery, fax or email; or verbal and summarized in writing via email) and/or a sample or any other clear description of the Client’s expectation for the final product.

Contractor will not commence work and Client will not consume hours on the assignment until such instruction and/or description is received. Client agrees that any changes to the original instruction will require similar notice.

In the event Client deems completed assignment incorrect or incomplete, Contractor will make corrections.

The time required to make corrections that are the result of Contractor error will not be billed to the Client.

The time required making corrections that are the result of the Client’s mis-communication of instruction or failure to provide necessary or accurate base information will be billed to the client.

Normal Business Hours

Normal business hours for Apex Virtual Solutions are Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am EST until 5:00 pm EST. Arrangements can be made for weekend projects or tasks but additional fees will apply.

Reserved holidays include:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Administrative Professionals Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • International Virtual Assistant’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgivings Eve (the day before Thanksgivings)
  • Thanksgivings Day
  • The Day After Thanksgivings
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Onsite Projects

Apex Virtual Solutions is a full support company for small to medium sized businesses. Onsite support can be provided on a case by case basis. This type of support will require at least 3 weeks notice and additional fees may apply.

Service Cancellation

Month to Month Service and Retainer Packages: We understand that the life of a business owner can be unpredictable so we give our clients the option of using our services on a month to month basis. Month to month clients can cancel at any time without penalty. If you are using retainer services, you MUST cancel your services at least 15 business days before your next invoice due date. If your services are not cancelled at least 15 days before your next invoice due date, you will be responsible for the upcoming invoice. Clients that opt into one of our retainer programs will be responsible for the entire amount stated in the initial signed agreement.

Security Deposits

Services that require a security deposit must adhere to all service cancellation policies. If service is cancelled and the client is eligible for the return of their security deposit, the client will be refunded for the amount of the security deposit minus any incurred fees 45 business days after the day of cancellation or end of project term. Business days are Monday through Friday and excludes weekends and all Apex Virtual Solutions reserved holidays. All Apex issued checks will expire 120 days after the issue date. If a new check is requested, a fee of $25.00 may apply.


Refunds are only available within 15 days of payment and only if WORK HAS NOT STARTED. Account credits may be given at the discretion of management. If a refund is granted, please allow up to 14 business days to process. All Apex issued checks will expire 120 days after the issue date. If a new check is requested, a fee of $25.00 may apply.

Apex Client Phone & Online Software Termination

After Nov. 2, 2009, an early termination fee will apply to all phone lines set up through Apex Virtual Solutions’ systems. All services cancelled before a term of 6 months will be assessed a $150 early termination fee. A 30-day notice is required after the initial 6 month term for cancellation of phone services.

Roll Over Hours

Due to the nature of our services, WE DO NOT ROLL OVER UNUSED RETAINER HOURS (unless otherwise stated on working agreement). It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all purchased hours are exhausted each month. As of November 21, 2016, if your working agreement has a rollover hours clause, your hours will EXPIRE if your account is inactive for 90 business days.

Website Design Projects

All website and creative design projects must be completed within 6 months of purchase unless the size of the project requires a longer time-frame. We will not be held responsible for clients not cooperating and submitting the information needed to get the project finalized. If the client does not submit the information needed in a timely manner Apex Virtual Solutions has the right to cancel the project without refund. Delaying the completion of a project can put our team behind schedule and cause a loss of profits.

Reimbursement of Expenses

The Contractor shall be entitled to reimbursement for the following out-of-pocket expenses, if the Client expressly authorizes the expenses ahead of time. (Copies of all receipts will be provided to the Client to substantiate reimbursement of expenses.)

  • Postage
  • Delivery/Shipping Fees
  • Copying
  • Printing and artwork
  • Project-related long-distance telephone calls
  • Other authorized expenses purchased solely for the Client

Returned Checks

A $35 processing fee + any additional bank fees will be added to all returned checks.

Late Fees

Apex reserves the right to assess a 5% or $30.00 late fee (whichever rate is higher of the two) to all invoices not paid within 3 days of receipt. Any invoice not paid in full within 15 days of receipt will be assessed an additional 3% or $10.00 late fee (whichever rate is higher of the two). Services may be suspended without notice on or after day 4 of non-payment. After 2 or more late payments, Apex may require a deposit in order for services to be continued.

Non Payment

Apex Virtual Solutions reserves the right to hold all submitted client materials until payment is made in full. Once there is a zero balance Apex will release all client materials. Past due accounts not resolved within 160 days could be turned over to collections (subject to the discretion of management). Accounts turned over to collections will be assessed an additional fee of $150 or 10% of the invoice (whichever is greater).

Confidentiality/Privacy Policy

Apex Virtual Solutions recognizes that the Client has and will have the following proprietary information:

  • Products
  • Prices
  • Costs
  • Discounts
  • Future plans
  • Client database
  • Business affairs
  • Personal information
  • Other information (collective “Information”) which is valuable, special and unique assets of the Client

Apex Virtual Solutions agrees not to, at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use any Information for Apex’s own benefit, or divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner any information to any third party without the prior written consent of the Client. Apex Virtual Solutions will protect the Information and treat it as strictly confidential. A violation of this article shall be a material violation of this Agreement.

Confidentiality After Termination

The confidentiality provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect after the termination of this Agreement.

Return of Records

Upon termination of this Agreement and balance paid in full, the Contractor shall deliver all records, notes, data, memorandum, models and equipment of any nature that are in the Contractor’s possession or under the Contractor’s control and that are the Client’s property. Please note that copies of work performed by Apex Virtual Solutions may be kept on file for record keeping and legal purposes. All passwords and login details will be deleted within 30  business days of the work agreement termination unless client sends a written request asking Apex to keep the information on file. This clause excludes product order fulfillment services.

Product Order Fulfillment

Items stored by Apex Virtual Solutions will be considered abandoned for invoices 90+ days past due. Abandoned items become the property of Apex Virtual Solutions and can be sold, given away or destroyed.


We truly appreciate the generous word-of-mouth references of our satisfied clients to their colleagues or acquaintances.

Retainer Referrals – Clients whose referrals result in a sale will receive

  • a $50 prepaid gift card for all sales greater than or equal to $500
  • a $25 prepaid gift card for all sales between $250 and $499
  • a $10 gift card to Starbucks, Target or Walmart for all sales under $250


Communication is plays a vital part in the services we provide. The purpose of the consultation is for us to figure out where you are at, where you want to go, and what steps we need to take to get there.


* This page was last updated July 29, 2016

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