If you have seen a decline in your sales recently, it may be a good time to look a bit deeper into your marketing efforts. There has been a huge shift in how companies are attracting customers. Marketers have seen tactics such as telemarketing, email marketing and direct mail not yield the same results as they once did. These type of efforts; commonly referred to as outbound marketing, are becoming less effective.

Many people view outbound marketing as too intrusive, they are flooded with over 2000 outbound marketing efforts every day. So now they are finding creative ways to block them out of their lives with things like caller ID, satellite radio, email spam blockers and TiVo. As an alternative, marketers are beginning to use tactics that authentically earn the interest and trust of buyers. Now the core focus is to lead targeted buyers to you instead of hunting them down. This method is called inbound marketing and it consists of tasks like blogging, social media engagement, search engine optimization, etc.

Companies have found out that by building relationships with people, they are more likely to become buyers. Today’s consumers are extremely smart. They research products and services before they make purchases, so it only makes sense to have your information available for them. Statistics show that companies that blog get 55% more visitors and 50% of all internet users read a blog at least once a month. Even though inbound marketing seems to make more sense today, outbound marketing should not be totally shunned. Companies have to find the perfect mix of both inbound and outbound marketing for their respective companies. Want to know more about how to incorporate this in your day to day efforts, contact us at 866-874-3647 for a free consultation.

Inbound Marketing

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