As a Virtual Assistant company, we have worked hard to build a team with individuals that come with a variety of talents and specialties. General transcription is just one of the many services we offer our clients. Apex Virtual Solutions takes pride in being a complete source of support for our clients.

All of our transcription is done by actual people (based in the United States) and not machines, giving you high quality and less chances of errors. We have worked with a variety of industries including non-profits, business coaches, professional speakers, consultants and more. Contact us today for more information about our professional transcription services, non-profit discounts and/or references.

What do we transcribe?

Interviews Seminars Business Meetings Conferences
Training Sessions Podcasts Webinars Panel Discussions
Sermons Press Briefings Teleconferences Teleseminars

How accurate are we?

We guarantee a 98% or higher rate of accuracy with decent to good audio and typically it is closer to 99%+ since our transcription rates are based on the number of minutes of audio you have and not the number of lines typed.

Standard Rates

The cost to transcribe a recording is determined by several factors including length, audio quality, and number of speakers. The chart below is an example of what a client can typically expect with a good recording:

  Turnaround Time (*business days)
# of Speakers 3-5 days 2 days Next Day Same Day
1 $1.99 per min $2.25 per min $2.79 per min $3.00 per min
2 $2.25 per min $2.50 per min $3.00 per min $3.29 per min
3 $2.50 per min $2.75 per min $3.25 per min $3.50 per min
4 $2.75 per min $3.25 per min $3.75 per min $4.00 per min
5-8 $3.00 per min $3.75 per min $4.25 per min $4.50 per min

** RUSH files must be uploaded by 1 PM EST for same-day delivery. All other files must be uploaded by 4 PM ET. Any file uploaded after 4 PM EST will be considered a next-day request.

*Binding can be done upon request

Additional Charges

Accents (ESL Speakers Foreign Accents, Street Slang) + $0.50 per minute
Audio Challenges (Noise, echoing, technical issues etc) + $0.50 per minute
Technical Terminology + $0.25 per minute
9+ speakers + $1.00 per minute
Time Stamps (We can add times stamps ranging from every 1 to 5 minutes) + $0.25 per minute

How To Get Your Material To Us

You may send material to us via email, upload using the link to the right, or by regular mail.

Client has the option of receiving the completed work by all of the following email, fax, and regular mail at no additional cost. (Copies by all 3 methods are available at no additional cost)


Completed work is delivered in Doc or PDF format via email and will also be uploaded to our client site in a secure password protected location for your convenience.

Stellar Customer Care!

My organization has been a customer of Apex Virtual Solutions for three years now. We utilize their conference line recording and transcription services to assist our organization in data collection and analyses. My customer care representative continually exhibits a high level of professionalism and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the needs of my organization are met with the services they provide. I've never had a question go unanswered for any length of time. They are quick to respond and always ready with a solution when needed. As a result of their stellar customer service skills and abilities to transcribe quality documents in a timely manner, we've been a repeat customer and look forward to conducting business with Apex in the future.