Are you using your LinkedIn company page as a component in your social media marketing strategy? It’s  a great way to engage with other professionals, by the way. We have one set up but I’ll be the honest in saying that it was one of those things that we set up and it kinda got pushed to the back burner. Between working with clients and revamping our own brand, we haven’t had a chance to give it the nurturing it needs.

The new LinkedIn Company Page Analytics feature and the recently launched Sponsored Updates are just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what else this platform has up its sleeve. This social media tool is giving companies and professional organizations the ability to reach and engage with professionals literally all over the world.

This new feature will help you…

  • See how your posts are doing
  • Track where your followers are coming from
  • Identify trends across key metrics
  • Stay on top of performance trends across time periods defined by you

Check out this LinkedIn video below to get the full details.

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