About a decade or so ago, outsourcing or contracting work to a virtual team was causing an uproar among businesses. Some were completely on board, but many were very skeptical. There were so many people worried about losing control, having confidential information compromised, not getting their money’s worth and so on. But today it seems to be more of a common practice. As a matter of fact, hiring virtual assistants seems to be the most logical solution for so many different scenarios. Keeping reading if you want me to elaborate.

Small Budgets

Hiring an employee can be really expense. Outside of the wages, you’ll need to also calculate in worker’s compensation, payroll taxes, equipment (computer, printer, office space, desk, etc.) medical insurance, and training expenses. On average, the salary plus benefits usually cost 1.25 to 1.5 times the employee’s base salary. For a small business, this can be quite expensive; heck even for a large business trying to cut costs, this can be expensive.

The alternative of course is to hire a virtual assistant. With a virtual assistant, you will only pay for the time exhausted working on your tasks. Sometimes seeing the $25+ an hour fee can deter business owners and professionals from using virtual support, but you have to factor in the following:

  • The VA (virtual assistant) uses their own equipment (so they have to factor in these costs with their rates) and you eliminate all of the expenses outside of your employee’s base salary.
  • You’re only paying for time used and in most cases a virtual assistant will complete your work in 1/3 to a 1/2 of the time as an onsite employee.
  •  If you do your research, you should be able to find a virtual assistant that already has experience working with the tools and resources you’re using in your business.
  • Most virtual teams come with tons of experience and expertise that can help you with various projects.

Cutting Costs

As mentioned before, outsourcing or contracting out your administrative (and creative) tasks is a great way for companies to cut costs without having to reduce the quality of work being presented to your customers or clients.

Experience / Advanced Skills

Virtual assistants come with a variety of skills and levels of experience. If there is an area in your business that requires work outside of your expertise, this is a great opportunity to try out a virtual team. Why spend hours trying to learn something new, when you can find someone to handle that task while you spend your valuable time on pieces of your business that you excel like networking, working directly with clients or creating new programs/services/products.


If you’ve read this and you’re still fighting this new wave of having a team to support your business, the alternative is dishing out the cash to hire someone that you can physically keep an eye on or to continue trying to be a one woman (or man) show which we all know results in lower revenue and extreme exhaustion.

If you’re tired of doing the same thing with little to no results, IT’S TIME. Time to take a deep breath, say a prayer (or mediate) and try something new.

We’re here, NO PRESSURE. Give us a call at 866-874-3647. We have 10 years of experience helping people just like you with tasks like administrative support, website design/maintenance and software management. Don’t believe us, check out some of our video testimonials.


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Working Successfully with a Virtual Assistant

If virtual support is a new concept to you, this is the perfect guide for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual or company that partners with businesses and busy professionals to provide support from a remote location. Services can include anything from administrative support to marketing and creative design.

This manual will walk you through the processes of finding and working with a quality virtual assistant.

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