This article is all about WordPress Security. We share easy to follow tips that will help you fight the hackers.

Tip #1 is to avoid using the username admin

Most of the time when you install WordPress, the default username will be admin, please change it. This simple little change will instantly disable a large number of standard hacks which have the admin username as a prefix. You can change it to your nickname, favorite place or whatever you’d like.

Tip #2 is to keep your WordPress software and plugins updated

Keeping your site software updated is pretty much a no brainer, outdated software or plugins are more likely to have security leaks because developers have stopped maintaining them.

Tip # 3 is enforcing tougher passwords

Your password should be something that is easy for you to remember but really tough for other people. I suggest making it at least 10 characters in length and mixing it up with numbers, letters and other characters like the number sign, a dollar sign, etc. You want to avoid using your company name 123, let’s make these hackers work for it.

Tip #4 Delete the readme.html file

In a standard or basic WordPress installation, there will be a file named readme.html. This file is located in your directory and it tells you what version of WordPress you’re using on the site. You can access this file by logging into your ftp or file-manager.

Tip #5 Changing your passwords

It’s always a good idea to randomly change your password. You should also try to avoid using the same password for all of your company or personal logins. I typically change my passwords every 60-90 days. Other times when you need to update your password would be after working with a designer or freelancer or company that needed temporary access to the backend of your website.

Those are our 5 tips. If you have other suggestions or feedback, we’d love for you to share them with us. For help with your WordPress site, please contact us at 866-874-3647.

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