How It Works

A simple yet effective process. Get paired with your ideal staff today.

Our Approach to Fulfilling Your Staffing Needs

Here is a general overview of how our subscription-based staffing process works.


Step 1: Needs Assessment

We meet with you virtually or in-person to access your needs and identify the qualities, skills, and proficiency levels needed for your ideal virtual team member(s). 


Step 2: Build Out Your Package

We create a custom package that meets the requirements and expectations discussed in the needs assessment meeting.

As a reminder, we do have standard packages if your business is just looking for general administrative support. All options are discussed, during the initial meeting.


Step 3: Deliver Your Custom Package

Once we build out your custom package, we will email it to you for approval along with your first invoice. The agreement is then signed and invoice is paid.


Step 4: The Recruitment

We search our database to find the best candidates for you. If needed, we will also locate, interview, and prescreen applicants externally.

Once candidates are shortlisted, you will have an opportunity to interview them and decide which one you’d like to have support you and/or your organization.


Step 5: Selection and Onboarding

Once you have selected your new team member(s), we will get all the agreements and NDAs signed. After the documents are filed, the onboarding begins.

We work with you to train and onboard your new team member. Statistically, onboarding is a  2-3 month process, but we can make adjustments as needed depending on your business model or needs.

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