How It Works

Embarking on a journey to optimize your organization’s performance and drive sustainable growth begins with a few simple steps.

7 Easy Steps…

Below, we outline the seamless process of getting started with our services, designed to ensure a smooth transition and a successful partnership tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Step 1: FREE Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation with our team to discuss your organization’s goals, challenges, and requirements. 


Step 2: Proposal Submission

Following the consultation, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal outlining our recommended services, scope of work, and pricing structure.


Step 3: Proposal Review and Approval

Review the proposal with your team and provide any feedback or revisions. Once approved, sign the agreement and submit your deposit to proceed with the engagement.


Step 4: Candidate Selection

Within 2 weeks of signing your agreement and submitting your deposit, we will provide you with 2-5 candidates to interview. After the interviewing is complete, you will make your selection.


Step 5: Onboarding & Kickoff Meeting

Our team will initiate the onboarding process, which may include setting up communication channels, sharing access to relevant tools and platforms, and getting you set up with your new team member(s). This will also officially launch the engagement.


Step 6: Regular Check-Ins

Apex will conduct regular check-in meetings to review progress, address any issues or concerns, and make adjustments as needed to ensure alignment with your organization’s goals.


Step 7: Feedback and Evaluation

We will solicit feedback from your team throughout the engagement to continuously improve our services and ensure they are meeting your expectations.

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