Nonprofit Strategic Consulting

Meet Your Metrics

Our goal is to be an experienced guide and resource to help your nonprofit identify the gaps and fill them with the strategies you need to satisfy your board, grow memberships, increase donations, and meet any other set goals.

Running a nonprofit organization is more than just doing good work. There are metrics that funders and your board require you to meet in exchange for their continued support.

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Nonprofit Consulting Services

Below is a list of services we deliver to nonprofits.
Organizational Development & Capacity Building

Create systems and outline the processes you need to adapt and thrive

Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Make assessments, set goals, plan activities, and measure outcomes

Marketing & Communications

Incorporate a visibility plan to grow supporters

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Strategy

Build a sustainable and inclusive work culture and environment

Board Development & Governance

Set board expectations and develop a solid onboarding to improve recruitment and board engagement

Impact Measurement & Evaluation
Measure and evaluate performance to make better decisions
Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Create a process to execute and track your nonprofit goals

Advocacy & Policy Development

Raise awareness, increase public support, and motivate people to get involved

Community Engagement & Outreach
Develop a process to build and grow relationships
Change Management & Organizational Culture

Establish a plan to help your team make adjustments during organizational change

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